Friday, 29 May 2009

Wide body kits

While body kits have been around for a while now, innovation and advances continue to happen in the car styling industry. One such development in recent years have been the wide body kits. As the name suggests these make the car wider. In general they are more awesome in their visual appeal.

So what should you know about wide body kits? Well wide body kits are not really for everyone. They make the stance wider and if you have added wider wheels they will be able to cover them as well. They are used mostly for show or demonstration cars and for racing cars.

Being larger these kits are bigger, therefore it is important they are built with a light material so that they do not add too much weight to the car and drag down its performance. Therefore carbon fiber composites which are light and strong is a popular material for making these body kits. Carbon fiber being an expensive material and moreover given the fact that these kits are large, they tend to cost significantly more than standard kits.

You should also consider the cost of installation of these body kits. If you go in for a professional installation, as you should, the cost of the installation will be significant. However you can leverage the fact that the kit will be installed at a body shop and get some custom painting done as well. The time required for their installation is also more. Often additional components will be installed along with the wide body kits such as flares, door panels and front and rear diffusers.

Since wide body kits make the car wider they will not improve the aerodynamics of the car, in fact they will increase the drag compared to standard body kits. However there are many cars out there that are very powerful. For these car there is a big boost when wider tires give improved traction. This improved traction can overcome any increase in the drag force. Therefore these kits are popular for high power, performance cars.


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