Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Is It Crazy to Buy a Pontiac Car Now?

Smart buyers would say that it is crazy like a fox to purchase a Pontiac car now. General Motors, backed by its largest and most important shareholder, the U.S. government, will clearly stand behind the warranty so it seems clear that Pontiac is the way to maximize your purchase dollars in a market that is way overcrowded with deals.

Taking a sampling of prices from the internet, Pontiac is offering some of the best deals in the car classes in which they compete. Oddly enough, the consensus opinion in the trade is that the brands that GM has sold, such as Saab and Hummer represent a far greater risk to the consumer than Pontiac.

In addition to the financial benefits of purchasing a Pontiac, there is the additional impact of the nostalgia attached to the final production year.

Collectors of all automobiles are looking forward to the countdown on production of the various Pontiac badged vehicles because it is clear that there will be an instant premium associated with the last few hundred of each model produced.

And of course the rumor mill keeps churning as it relates to General Motors possible alternate plans for the division and some of its key models. There is no doubt of the success of the Pontiac G8 as it clearly follows in the footsteps of the Pontiac tradition for sporty, affordable family cars that can also provide some excitement.

For the true American car aficionado, it is quite ironic that the G8 is manufactured in Australia rather than Detroit but certainly indicative of the overall international nature of the automobile industry these days.

Another piece of advice floating around is to buy any of the last year Pontiacs and put it away in safe storage and reap the benefits seven to ten years down the line. The key to that strategy is having everything be in original prime condition. It is remarkable to see how many current collectible cars are selling at a significant premium (even taking into account the lower value of the dollar) to their original sticker price.

Imagine rolling around town 10 years from now in a pristine 2010 Pontiac G8. The last and best irony is that from all accounts these new Pontiacs have been superbly built to rival anything from Germany or Japan so it is not unreasonable in the least to assume that they will remain in excellent working order for many years to come.

It is clear that there are many advantages to picking up a Pontiac if you have the financial means to do so at this time. As noted earlier, how much better does a warranty get than direct from the U.S. government?

It is anticipated that sales will actually pick up as the date of final production comes closer so it makes sense to begin to do the research to determine which model and which dealer can offer you the best value in this market and make your move now rather than waiting until the deadline next year draws closer.

Author : Dennis Rosenberg


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