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Jaguar XJ focuses on traditional styling inside and out

The Jaguar XJ is a luxury saloon that competes with Audi’s A8, BMW’s 7-Series and the Mercedes S-Class, although it’s a very different car from any of these key rivals. While the Jaguar focuses on traditional styling inside and out, its German rivals are much more modern. Although the Jaguar may look old-fashioned, it’s more comfortable than anything else in its class, while also offering sublime levels of refinement. Also, despite the traditional design, the XJ packs much of the latest technology, ensuring it’s able to show its rivals a clean pair of heels.

It’s a toss-up between looks, ride and handling. All three are brilliant but given the car generated as many compliments during our week-long loan as most cars attract in a lifetime, we’ll go with that. This car has personality and heritage in spades with a look that’s also bang up to date. Want to turn heads? Buy this car.
The XJ has attracted more compliments and admiring looks during its time on loan to Auto Trader than any other model.

But it ain’t just a pretty face. This big cat beauty also boasts fantastic handling and a silky ride. The fictional stars of hit TV show Life on Mars would have no problem recognising this model. Some think it’s time it moved on while others love the fact it’s one of the most easily recognised cars on the road – for all the right reasons. It certainly got plenty of admiring glances and comments during our week’s ownership, and we love the traditional styling, big cat grille, wide stance, side air intakes and twin exhaust. The latest model has emphasised the car’s sportiness but the changes have been tweaks rather than major.

The diesel model is the most economical, returning 35mpg on average and up to 43.7mpg for motorway cruising. Insurance falls into group 17E and emissions of 214g/km see it currently in tax band F – with an annual bill of £205.

The original Jaguar XJ model from 1968 was the last Jaguar saloon in which Sir William Lyons, Jaguar’s founder, was involved. He retired in 1972.

The 2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel engine that has been offered in the XJ since 2006 is essentially the same unit as the one fitted to Land Rover’s Discovery. It was developed in conjunction with Peugeot, which is why it is also offered in that company’s 407 and 607.

The Jaguar XJ has scooped numerous awards, including Best Used Luxury Car 2008, Greenest Luxury Car 2008 (Environmental Transport Association) and Chauffeur Car of the Year 2008 (Chauffeur magazine).
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