Monday, 8 June 2009

Living With a Classic Car

There seems to be as many reasons for owning a classic car as there are owners. For some owning a classic can simply be an investment, whilst for others it provides a gateway to the nostalgia associated with days gone by. Whatever the individuals reasoning, owning and driving a classic car certainly makes a personal statement.

A lot of people will agree on the fact that they don't make cars like they used to, and driving a beautifully restored classic car provides an escape to the days of motoring bliss, if only for a short while. These same people naturally congregate and form the various clubs, rallies and shows that appear around the globe. All of these provide the enthusiast with a much needed medium with which to vent their enthusiasm, and it's a much needed outlet for a very absorbing hobby. It keeps them from driving their families mad! Clubs in particular are very important to the classic car owner, as they provide a forum through which they can discuss technical problems and gain otherwise hard to come by sage advice.

On a lighter note, whatever your reasons for owning a classic car, there are a couple of notable side effects which you should be aware of. For instance, you may have gotten by living next door to the same families for 20 years or more with only the occasional hello, but as soon as you bring your classic out for a some detailing you will suddenly find them flocking towards your driveway for a chat. Those decades of tactful avoidance squandered! Secondly, it is worth noting that all classic cars have an innate Crowd Appeal, and in a way this is what makes them a classic. If the sun is shining and you do feel like taking your classic to the shops, bear in mind that it will take at least twice as long. You'll find this out on your first trip as your waving through the crowds to stick your bags of groceries in the boot whilst having ten or twenty questions fired at you!
Author:Matt Coughlan


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