Thursday, 18 June 2009

Patrick BMW dealership test drive of BMW 750i

The 2009 BMW 750i reminds me of a girl I had a crush on in college. It’s smart, elegant and beautiful, but despite my admiration, I’ve never taken it out. That all changed this week. At least as far as the 750i is concerned — Katie still does not return my calls.

I slipped into the driver’s seat of a black 2009 750i at the Patrick BMW dealership and felt at home. In previous years the 7 Series has received some criticism for its design. Anything that was wrong with this model in the past isn’t wrong now. I could not have felt more at home cruising through traffic in this essence of luxury.

One of the major problems critics had with the 7 Series, and any BMW for that matter, was the iDrive system, but now that has been adjusted to be more user friendly. The reconfigured iDrive system is more intuitive and simpler to use. Plus BMW added a plethora of tech features, like active suspension damping, rear-wheel steering, night vision with pedestrian detection (I wish my test drive had been at night.), lane-change warning, and side-view cameras. The 2009 7 Series also moves the seat controls back to their proper place on the outboard side of the seats and correctly puts the gear shift back to its rightful place in the center console.

Oh yeah, and this thing really moves. The V-8 at 400 horsepower can take this car to 60 mph in just more than five seconds. I never felt more powerful behind the wheel of a car than I did sitting in the cabin of the 2009 BMW 750i. Despite clear evidence to the contrary, I at least felt very important within the elegant confines this auto. Pulling back up to Patrick BMW (a dealer nice enough to trust me with this car), I was tempted to zoom away once the sales representative closed the passenger door. But I didn’t, because the police would find me quickly. All they would have to do is look for the coolest, most luxurious car on the road being driven by the guy who is obviously not sophisticated enough to be driving it.

The 7 Series has been improved on its outside as well, losing the raised trunk lid. I found the profile very sleek and confident, made almost menacing by the line and contrast of its window trim. Its rear remains distinctive but wraps around more-agreeably through its shoulders to create a unified appearance that pushes more attention toward the car’s profile and prominent, edgy wheels. The front fascia features a more open grille design and a straight-across air intake that leads the eyes all the way to the ground, giving the 7-series a very imposing, low-standing head-on view.

While I was at the dealership, I also took a look inside a 750Li, which adds five inches of extra length to the car, most of which is applied to rear seat leg room. Otherwise, it’s the same performance sedan, filled with luxury and packed with driving enjoyment.
Author: J Curtis


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