Monday, 22 June 2009

Top four advantages of buying luxury cars

Luxury cars are the favourite cars when the markets are strong when the markets are high on demand for cars. The entry of new car makes in the luxury segment has ushered an era competitiveness and better marketing. Young affluent Indians are most benefitted by the new car launches. These cars boast of elegant design and sumptuous interiors and great electronic gadgets.

But people do not go for luxury cars only to showoff their wealth. There are a host of advantages attached to buying luxury cars. We shall looks into the five most important advantages of buying luxury cars.


Luxury cars are head turners and are a statement to the owner’s luxurious lifestyle. It attracts attention wherever it goes. Their scintillating beauty of luxury cars suggest a sense of power and prestige in every soul that it passes by.

It is also a statement that the car owner has arrived. Extravagance has always been associated with the pleasure of owning exquisite items that everybody cannot afford. It is not like everybody can afford to buy BMW, Mercedes and Audi brand of cars.

Manufacturers also offer accessory to enhance its looks. The high level of customisation is tempts many young car enthusiasts to go for them there is nothing as special as flaunting a personal style statement among peers.

Beauty par excellence

Luxury cars are perfect blend of beauty and brawn. They guarantee the owner, a performance not seen anytime before and beauty that can hold the breaths of onlookers. These cars are designed by ace designers of the world. They combine the artistically designed machine with passion and high quality engineering. Every design cue is expected to be unique, stylish and visually appealing. They are given the most amazing aerodynamic design that boosts their performance by leaps and bounds. They powertrains come with the latest technological innovations like the VVT, multijet injection and turbocharger. In the interiors, all efforts are made to make the journey comfortable. State of the art features in the in-car entertainment, air conditioning, handsfree communications and iPod connectivity. Genuine wood inlays and high quality craftsmanship are seen only in luxury cars.

High Level of Safety

Safety is high priority in luxury cars. In fact it was Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo and several other luxury car brands that introduced new safety technologies. These were later adapted into small cars. Things like the airbags, antilock braking system, traction control and pedestrian safety technologies are some notable ones. The latest cars in India will always feature some exclusive piece of safety technology. Some of these may include the adaptive cruise control, brake assist, four wheel anti-lock brakes, driver assist, adaptive headlights and so on and so forth.

Complete Maintenance

Luxury cars come with a high price tag. Hence they come with longer warranty periods compared to other cars. Most of these manufacturers even offer free comprehensive roadside assistance, free check up and maintenance for the first four years of its manufacture. Car owners are guaranteed to receive maintenance by trained technicians. They know that these luxury cars will attract quality attention and satisfactory services from manufacturers.


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